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Distinguishing and Making Hortatory and Analytical Exposition?

| Senin, 18 Juli 2011
Distinguising Hortatory and Analytical Exposition

Hortatory Exposition is a text functioning to persuade readers' opinion with evidence. At the end of the Hortatory Exposition text, the writer conveys his/her suggestions. For example, the text translation of the dangers of drugs. At the end of passage, the author includes advice to parents, government or other parties to respond to those problems. The author also provides ways to overcome problems from the standpoint of him/her.

Analytical Exposition is a text functioning to analyze a particular problem. In the argument, the author elaborates evidence. For example, the dangers of smoking to human health. The author will describe the dangers of smoking. After he/she describes in detail, the author draws the conclusion that smoking is dangerous for health.

Making Hortatory and Analytical Exposition.

How to make Hortatory Expoistion Text:
1. Define the problem to be discussed.
2. State the arguments on the matter accompanied by data and evidence to strengthen the opinion.
3. Write down the advice and solutions to the problem.

How to make Analytical Exposition text:
1. Determine the issues to be addressed.
2. Mention of opinion and supporting data or evidence.
3. Reaffirm the subject matter covered or conclude the overall opinions described.

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