Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

How to Express Asking and Giving Opinion | Speaking Material

| Rabu, 15 Juni 2011
Observe the following pictures story!

The first man said “What do you think about the lady?” It means that he asked his friend opinion about the lady.

Now take a look at this expression: “What do you think about …“ This expression is used to express asking opinion.

Here are the other examples of asking opinion:
  • What do you think of …?
  • What is your opinion about …?
  • How do you feel about …?
  • How do you see …?

The second man said “I think she’s great!” It means that he gave her opinion about the lady. He said the lady was great.

We may use “I think … “ to express giving opinion about something. The gambit “I think” is used to start the opinion.

Here are the other examples of giving opinion:
  • I believe …
  • I feel …
  • It seems to me...

Written by Fadli Eha
Reference: Interlanguage - Joko Priyana

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