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How To Express Asking For and Giving Clarification

| Rabu, 11 Mei 2011
How to express asking for clarification? Observe the following dialogue!

Riza looks sad. Vera comes closer to ask her.
Vera: What's up, Riza?
Riza: I've lost my mobile phone.
Vera: Really?
Riza: Yea, I've checked my bag. But it's none there.
Vera: Are you sure that you brought it?
Riza: Of course I am.
Vera: How if we tell our teacher.
Riza: No, I'm afraid. The school doesn't allow anybody to bring mobile phone, does it?
Vera: Owh.. So...
Riza: That's ok. It's my fault.

Vera said "Really?" and "Are you sure?" in the dialogue means that she wanted to ask for clarification what Riza said. On the other words, Vera didn't believe a little what Riza told.

If you want to express asking for clarification to somebody, you may use the following expression:
  • Are you sure?
  • Really?
  • What?
  • Are you positive?
  • Is that right?

To give clarification you may say:
  • Absolutely
  • Sure
  • Of course
  • Definetely
  • That's right
  • Yes

Writer/Editor: Fadli Eha

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