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Lagu Bahasa Inggris tentang Past Tense

| Minggu, 13 Maret 2011
Lagu ini adalah lagu Bahasa Inggris yang mengandung kalimat-kalimat past tense. Contohnya "the day you went away."

Kami mengajak kamu belajar Bahasa Inggris past tense lewat lagu ini.

M2M adalah duo vocal group asal Norwegia yang terbilang sukses di awal tahun 2000-an. Dua gadis, Marion Elise Raven dan Marit Elisabeth, mampu menelurkan lagu-lagu hits kala itu. Diantara lagu yang cukup easy listening adalah The Day You Went Away.

Mari kita nikmati video klip mereka dan pelajari bahasanya dalam lirik sederhana berikut ini.

Isilah missing lyrics dibawah ini dengan Present Participle!
Well I wonder,
Could it be?
When I was  'bout you baby
You were  of me

Call me crazy
Call me blind
To still be  is stupid after all of this time

*) Did I lose my love to someone better
And does she love you like I do, I do
You know I really really do

Well hey, so much I need to say
Been lonely since the day
The day you went away
So sad but true
For me there's only you
Been  since the day
The day you went away.

Go on

I remember date and time
September 22nd Sunday twenty-five after nine

In that doorway
With your case
No longer at each other
There were tears on our faces

And we were  go of something special
Something we'll never have again, I know
I guess I really really know

[kembali ke refrain]

Why do we never know what we've got till it's gone
How could I carry on
The day you went away

Cause I've been  you so much I have to say
Been since the day
The day you went away
The day you went away
The day you went away

Go on

Video Clip

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