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Discussion Text: Should We Have Printed Advertisement?

| Rabu, 09 Maret 2011
Haruskah kita memasang iklan di koran atau majalah? Pertanyaan ini mendapat jawaban yang beraneka ragam. Berikut ini disajikan sebuah karangan dalam bentuk Discussion Text yang membahas tentang perlu tidaknya memasang iklan di media cetak. Contoh teks ini diambil dari buku Siap Menghadapi Ujian Nasional tahun 2008 yang diterbitkan oleh Karisma Publishing Group.

Should We Have Printed Advertisements?
"Should we have printed advertisements?" There are many reasons for people to answer this question. Many people have strong views and feel that ads are nothing more than useless junk mail, while other people feel it is an important source of information.

Here are some reasons why we should have advertisements in newspapers and magazines. One reason is ads give us information about what is available. Looking at ads we can find out what is on sale and what is new in the market. This is an easy way of shopping. another reason is that advertisement promote business. When shopkeepers compete against each other, they try to sell their goods as cheap as possible or attract buyers by offering discount. In this case buyers get the beneficial effects of this competition. They save their money.

On the other hand, some people argue that ads should not be put in newspapers and magazines. Firstly, ads cost the shopkeepers a lot of money to print into paper. Besides, some people don't like finding junk mail in their letter boxes. People may also find that ads are not very interesting. Ads also influence people to buy items they don't need and can't really afford. Ads use up a lot of space and a lot of effort has to be made to make the ads eye-catching.

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