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Recount Text: Kelly Brooke Went Swimming

| Minggu, 27 Februari 2011
Recount text is a text to retell one's experience. The following is an experience from Kelly Brook, Hollywood actress and model retelling her spending time on the beach.

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(Kelly Brook/Photobucket)
One of Kelly Brook's hobby is swimming. She like to spend whole day swimming in the sea. She usually goes swimming on weekend to refresh and away from her routine.

Last Saturday afternoon, Kelly visited Long Beach to enjoy sun shine. She walked alone on the beach. Then, she stopped in the shady place to remove her clothes.

In blue sexy swimsuit, Kelly walked toward began to step into the water. Kelly swam around 100 meters. Her hair was wet and made her look so beautiful. Kelly seemed enjoy her time on the beach. She swam until she got her skin tanned. She looked cheerful and laughed a lot.

The sun had set down when Kelly took her clothes on and walk through the sand to go home. She looked satisfied and fresh.

Point to learn:
Paragraph one is Orientation
Paragraph two is Event 1
Paragraph three is Event 2
Paragraph four is Reorientation

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