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Narrative Text: The Legend Of Tangkuban Parahu

| Jumat, 11 Februari 2011
Here is the famous Indonesian folklore "The Legend of Tangkuban Parahu."  It's a legend from West Java Indonesia.

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One day, when Sangkuriang was hunting, he accidentally killed his beautiful black dog Si Tumang. This Dog is actually Sangkuriang's father who had been condemned to live the life of a dog by his GURU. However, Sangkuriang never knew it.

Sangkuriang had been separated from his mother since childhood. On his way home, he stopped at a small village and fell in love with a beautiful girl. He didn't realized that the village was his homeland nor that the beautiful girl was his own sacred mother who remained young and pretty.

Their love grew naturally and one day, when they were discussing their wedding plans, Dayang Sumbi suddenly realized that the profile of Sangkuriang's head matched that of her son's who had left twenty years earlier. How could she marry her own son? But she did not wish to dissapoint him. So she agreed to marry Sangkuriang only on the condition that he would provide her with a lake and a boat with which they could sail on their wedding day the next day at dawn.

Sangkuriang accepted this condition. He dammed up the Citarum river to make a lake. Dayang Sumbi realized that Sangkuriang would fulfil the condition she had set. With a wave of her supranatural shawl, she lit up the eastern horizon with flashes of light. Deceived by false dawn, the cock crowed and farmers rose for the new day.

Sangkuriang realized that he failed to finish the boat. With all his anger, he kicked the unfinished boat upside - down. The boat is now known as the mount TANGKUBAN PARAHU. In Sundanese TANGKUBAN means upturned or upside down, and PARAHU means boat. With the dam torn asunder, the water drained off the lake and made the lake wide plain. It is now called Bandung from the word BENDUNG which meand dam.

(Taken from Ujian Nasional 2009/2010 items)

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