How To Express Admitting and Denying Facts (Mengakui dan Menyangkal Fakta)

Perhatikan cerita bergambar berisi percakapan mengakui dan menyangkal fakta (admitting and Denying Facts) berikut ini.

Cerita bergambar mengakui dan menyangkal fakta menggunakan Bahasa Inggris
Dari cerita bergambar di atas, kita temukan ungkapan mengakui dan menyangkal fakta. Gadis itu bilang "Yes, that's true." Kalimat ini digunakan untuk mengakui fakta yang terjadi. Dia juga bilang "No, that's not true." Kalimat ini ia gunakan untuk menyangkal fakta.

Kita bisa juga menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut ini untuk mengakui dan menyangkal fakta.

  • Yes, that's right.
  • Absolutely.
  • That's it.
  • No, it isn't, actually.
  • I'm afraid that's wrong.
  • It's not true.
Untuk berlatih, silahkan jawab pertanyaan di bawah ini menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan di atas. Ucapkanlah dengan cepat dan suara keras.

1. I think you are afraid of spiders.
2. Your English is improving so far.
3. SBY isn't a good president.
4. You often get up late in the morning.

Contoh percakapan mengakui dan menyangkal fakta menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

John: Do you know where Donald is?
Angie: No, I don't. What happen?
John: I put some instant noodle here. But now that's gone. I think he took it.
Angie: Why do you think so?
John: Because he knew when I put the noodles here.
Angie: I'm afraid that's wrong. Because this morning I saw Fred cooked some noodles.
John: O yea? He cooked my noodles?
Angie: Ask him, please!
Fred: Hello, everybody. Sorry John I took your noodles this morning because I was in hurry.
John: Oh really?
Fred: Yea That's right. I didn't have time to have breakfast. So I took your noodles.
John: Oh that's okay.
Fred: Don't worry. I'll buy some noodles and give to you.

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