How To Express Politeness

How to express politeness when you talk to someone? Observe the following dialogue!

Winda and Rini come to Ronie's house. They are supposed to study together.
Ronie: Hi Winda, Hi Rini, come in, please!
Winda: Hi, Ronie. Thanks
Ronie: Don't be shy, Rini. Would you please sit down!
Rini: Thanks Ronie. I'm not shy. I'm admiring your house. It's so beautiful.
Ronie: Hahaha... thanks. Don't say that. Let's study.

In the dialogue, the word "please" and "would you please" are used for expressing politeness. If you want to say politely you may add the words.

The following are some more examples of expressing politeness:
  • Excuse me, could you give me soft drink, please?
  • Stand up, please!
  • Please, come on time!

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